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Wild Wild Thoughts

Wild Wild Thoughts

Yes it's the summer hit. Yes it's Rihanna. And you know it's catchy. 


But are you having wild thoughts? If you struggle with lust you will have to shut this song out. Immediately. Like right now. Turn it OFF.


The Bible tells us to flee from lust and to cast down our thoughts and imaginations and make them obedient to Christ. (2 Cor. 10:5)


I know it's hard with the Carlos Santana sample and a beat reminiscent of the 90's but ask yourself this —


Am I honoring God listening to this song? or better yet Is God pleased with me for listening to a song that promotes something He's against? I think not.



But I get it. Completely, I promise this is not a bashing session. When I heard this song the other day it was definitely on replay. I couldn't help it! But alas, when the Spirit convicts you there's no getting away from the truth. 


Some people struggle with lust and others don't but my question is how will this song encourage you in living a life of purity?  



Leave your thoughts below!  





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