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When Virginity Gets Old

When Virginity Gets Old

Clothes were off.  


We were in the moment. 


I was straddled on top of him making out.


He reached to unhook my bra.


"I'm still not ready," I said.


"You know that gets old." He replied.




Those words will forever be echoed.


I was completely hurt when he said that and it totally ruined the moment.


Note to self: It's kind of hard for a man to take your word seriously when you're sitting half naked on top of the dude.


“It gets old.”


I was so intent on holding out that I didn't realize I was compromising myself, my integrity and ruining my witness.  


“It gets old.”


I had told him time and time again that I was waiting until marriage to be intimate.


The only problem? Boundaries were never set in the relationship and we’ve gotten too close to crossing that line time and time again.



Though we were never fully intimate, my commitment and the promise I made to myself became less and less important and more of a tool to use against him.


It was a means to get what I wanted and not fully giving him what he wanted.


Basically he was saying “If you were really waiting you wouldn’t be here with me right now. It doesn’t seem like you’re waiting.”


I was toying with his emotions.


“It gets old.”


He didn’t want to honor my decision to wait because I wasn’t honoring myself! If you can’t keep a promise to yourself… how can you keep a promise to someone else?


If you can’t keep your word, or remained disciplined how can you expect someone to honor you? Even though this shouldn’t be the case and a man should honor you regardless, I’m just trying to paint a picture here. He won’t’ be able to look at you with seriousness if you say one thing and do another. Just like you won’t be be able to take your man seriously if he says one thing and doesn't keep his word.


You lose respect and trust.


You mean to tell me that he can’t honor my decision to wait?


Well sis, what does waiting look like? Because it sure doesn’t look like you being on top of him in bed.


If you want to know what waiting looks like, join me on the 30 Day Celibacy Challenge. Get more details here.


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