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The "M" Word

Masturbation. There I said it. Touchy subject ain't it (no pun intended). It's a word I hated to hear and even more to speak. It's something I've literally been battling for half my life. Didn't ever think this would be my story nor did I want it to be. God has been speaking to me about it and I believe he's given me several outs which I happened to miss. The only thing left to do is share my testimony and I pray that I can help other young women overcome this issue. Society is now teaching us it's okay to self pleasure and pretty much indulge in anything that brings us pleasure. But God is who we should be pleasing and he's very much not pleased. It breaks his heart because we're sinning against our own bodies. I wish this concept was explained to me earlier but there's a time for everything right? 


Here's how it all started: 

At 11 years old I was apart of an afterschool program called Junior Ed. Sex Education was a required class we had to take, something I knew nothing about nor was interested in. As we sat in class and listened to the teachers describe what we need to know about our body parts the subject changed. they gave us a homework assignment that would change the course of my life. "Go home and find this spot," they said. They talked about how amazing it was and how good it felt but little did I know that once I experience that feeling that I'd want more. The problem with lust is that once you feed it, it continues to grow. start, it's hard to stop. I didn't know this as well and that's something I've been struggling with since then. 


I grew up in an African Home, a pastors kid. Sex was not discussed in the house. The tiniest kiss or romantic moment would cause the channel to be switched in a second. We knew better. We couldn't date, watch certain shows, or listen to certain music. My parent's wanted to shield me from this sex crazed world and any outside influence that would cause me to sin. But they didn't know that my school was teaching Sex Education which would expose us to the very thing they would tried to protect me from.



Fast forward and I've come back around to this subject again. God wanted to deliver me but I was too ashamed. The Devil wanted to keep me in hiding. He wanted to keep me down and out. Don't confess, don't tell anyone. You should be ashamed of yourself. But I've finally realized that God has already redeemed me. Jesus already paid for my sins and he's already forgiven me. He wants me to walk in that freedom to honor him with my body through purity. God has led me to so many teachings to convict me and open my eyes. Speaking about and hearing others share their story proves you're not alone. It's a real topic that needs to be discussed within the Christian community.


Here's a video I'd like to share with anyone struggling with this disease. I hope this puts everything in perspective and you're inspired to change for better. Love of God and his love for us will help us overcome everything. 

Share your comments below and let's get to the root of it all!  

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