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How I landed a Styling Gig for the Rachael Ray Show!

How I landed a Styling Gig for the Rachael Ray Show!

A few months ago I was working with a celebrity chef client of mine who I thought would be great on a cooking segment for a tv show. So on a whim, I pitched him to appear on the Rachel Ray Show. I know...this was a stretch being that it was my first client and only my first month working in PR. But why not?! The worst that could happen is they would respond with no. And that's exactly what happened... sort of.

I didn't get a response back.... until last week.

I received a call on Sunday (of all days) from a booking coordinator at the Rachel Ray Show who must have liked my pitch. They were no longer working on the segment but she wanted me to work with her on a different project and find other people for the show. I was so shocked and excited about this opportunity. It was not what I was expecting but you'd be crazy to think I would say no to this. So I immediately got down to business. Yeah, sure I know a couple people interested, I can definitely help out, I answered.

I immediately started checking through my list of friends in the city and checked through my connections on Instagram to no avail. So I decided to reach out to make up artist Yarisbeth, and a couple models.

Originally there was some miscommunication about how the segment would go but everything was finally worked out. That was Day One. Day Two consisted of me contacting all the showrooms I could think of. Luckily I got the one response I needed and was able to pick up a few items to style my client as needed.

Fast forward to this Monday and OMG! My Work was on National TV! The beauty segment premiered and my client learned how to apply stiletto nails on the show. Get the look below!

We decided to go with this look one because the Muehleder Jacket she wore was a MUST! And two because the Rachel Ray Show is all about vibrant colors. The top was a color in between red and orange and was a nice pop of color against the blush pink jacket. She paired it with some lighter jeans and you nude heels to tie it all together.

FullSizeRender 7

This was such a huge moment for me! I've only been at this for a little under a year and my work was on National TV! Thank you for all your support and I hope to share more good news. If you love the look comment below or send feedback. I'll be making a post about the different ways you can wear a nude/ blush jacket so stay tuned!

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