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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Ever felt stuck? Have you ever been in a rut and can’t seem to get yourself out?

There was a period in time where things started to go well in my life for 2017. I was super excited about my future and was completely content with God. That’s when the enemy decided to shake things up in my life.

When things are going too good, you better believe a plot twist is around the corner.

Much like Job, I believe God allowed certain situations in my life to happen so that I’d only be able to depend on Him. I learned in this time how to truly trust in God, digging deeper into His word and stepping more into His presence. The silent seasons allowed me to walk closer with God, developed and refined me. I heard Him speak. I saw prayers answered. I saw him Move. My faith was strengthened and my belief in God even more secure. The Bible says we go from faith to faith and 2017 was just another example of God showing his faithfulness in the darkest of times. It’s the best part about walking with God. Not the blessings and the good times.... The best part is experiencing the meaning of true love. 

Looking away from my circumstances and looking to God helped me to move forward. And for that I am forever grateful, joyful and will forever praise His name. 

Overcoming the Spirit of Rejection

Overcoming the Spirit of Rejection

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