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Miami Recap!

Miami Recap!

Day 1 

We finally arrive. It was early Friday morning as I wanted for my roomie Karen to land. She arrived shortly after and we took an Uber from Fort Laudedale to Miami Beach. It was a quick and easy ride about 20 minutes from the airport, not to mention our funny conversation with the Uber driver. 

However it wasn't so funny when we arrived to our AirBnb home for the weekend. Randy, manager of the Z Loft Apartments, was very hostile when we called questioning us about our arrival time. After a few minutes we were finally able to open our doors.... to our horror!

We stepped inside and noticed the place was in shambles. Curtains were dirty, doors were falling off, light fixtures were not fully working, and more. We immediately called AirBNB to complain and were able to receive a free night stay at the Hotel Astor a few minutes away.  

However, after our midday checkout we were stranded. AirBnb to our dismay did not accommodate us for the remainder of the trip. We were literally on the phone for hours trying to reach a resolution.   

We decided to stay at the Casa Faena for the night and enjoyed a much needed lunch after our long morning. Casa Faena really captured us with its decor and hospitality. The bellhop immediately came to our service and improved the quality of our stay. 

 Casa Signature Black Angus Burger 

Casa Signature Black Angus Burger 


Day 2  

Our day was completely jam packed with church and I loved it! We heard amazing messages by Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, John Gray and Rich Wilkerson Jr! Sometimes you need to retreat and spend time with God. Hearing the different messages from each Pastor really put my walk with God into a different perspective. We also celebrated Karen's birthday at Yucca . 


Day 3  

We wrapped up our final day at the Vous conference and decided to do a little sightseeing! 


Time to enjoy the Miami heat! (No pun intended lol).  

 Having fun at the Wynwood Walls  

Having fun at the Wynwood Walls  

Check out this quick tour we took of the area. 


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Casa Faena Review

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