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Keeping Your Head Up When Your World is Falling Apart!

A Bible story that really inspires me is the story of Job. Job had everything taken from him so that the enemy could see if he would disown God. The Devil was testing him to see how strong he was and though God gave permission to test him, we have to realize that God had faith in Job and there was a reason behind it.  

I look to his life and realize that although we deal with things differently and we have different struggles and adversities it'll never compare to the struggle that Job went through. I know for a FACT that I wouldn't be able to endure half the things he went through. Let's take a look at our current day. Children are fighting for their lives every day battling life altering diseases, refugees are fleeing for their lives, people are homeless and hungry and  crying for help. We at least have a roof over our heads, food to eat, internet access, clothes to wear and more. We really are blessed and should remember to count these blessings. Write them down and really thank God everyday for the gift to live and breathe. When we take a step back to consider these  "little things" then we'll truly be grateful for all the Good in our lives. Let's put our energy into the things that'll improve our lives. Don't give the enemy the satisfaction of dwelling on these negative things. He's trying to distract you and cause you to stumble but just remember to HAVE FAITH. Job had faith and God restored all that was lost.

Thank you guys so much for reading. If you want more inspirational posts make sure to share this message. 

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