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I Said Yes!!! - How I Knew He Was The One

I Said Yes!!! - How I Knew He Was The One

APRIL FOOLS! 😂😂😂😂💍💍💍

** Update - This was an April fools joke but I decided to write about this topic instead.  


Soooo, I decided to turn this into an actual post because I just want to help him a few people out there or a lot of women out there to help them identify who "the one" Is. This is a tricky topic because I don't believe that there is one specific person for you in this world. However, I do believe God has an amazing person to help you on this journey, to help you complete the mission for your life.  

I think up believing in the one kind of gets us in trouble because then we look around at everyone and think is this the person that God has for me and honestly you can meet different people at different times in your life and they would be perfect for you at that moment but you have to look at the bigger picture like I believe soulmates do exist there that your soul can connect with another person's soul and whether you're in a bad place or in a good place your soul knows who's like you're so knows a person like you can interact with somebody and your soul just recognize so I do believe in soulmates  that's why I don't believe that you should believe in the one because you can have several of the ones in this lifetime but I think you should actually change that into is this the one God has for me or is this the best person that God has for me because if you miss out on that best person then God will give you another person but the the the mission might change whether Destiny might not or the goal might not be reached in my house to be a Plan B you know but I think that these are the things that you have to consider in your mate. 


1. Does this person love God like I do? Is he passionate about God and the mission on their life?

I need a man with vision. I'm not saying you need to look for a pastor or a deacon or anything like that but if you are very religious if you are a Christian woman thing you need to realize that you need somebody who is on your level or above you cannot be unequally yoke with an unbeliever or someone of a different face because it's just not going to work to the best degree possible you can you don't want to compromise on certain things in your faith you have said you have to really see if this person agrees with the thing that you agree with the principles that you agree with this has to be the number one deciding factor in your next relationship.  


2. How does this person treat other people?

that's because he loves you and she's you like a princess should not give them a pass to being a genuinely good person like you cannot treat people in a bad way you can't dismiss people look down on people and that's not somebody that you should want to grow old with like what happens if this feeling or this phase passes how was he going to treat you are you do you trust him enough to to keep the respect and to keep the love in the relationship?

3.  Is he actively pursuing you? 


Of course he doesn't need to call first and doesn't  have to text first but I personally appreciate a man who puts in the effort and shows that he wants to get to know you. He wants to call you and texts you and checks in on you. Once you've made the point to say you like me and are interested, I'll need you to prove it's sir. Actions speak louder than words. Show me that you're interested.  If we're going on a date you need to step up and organize it and surprise me.  Don't wait a couple hours before the date to see how everything's going (more on that later).


4. Do we click?  


Check. Check. Check.  One of the most important things in a relationship is compatibiltiy. Compatibility can be applied to all aspects of the relationship but we have to remember thing called Personality.  Do our personalities call together? Do we click? Does he understand me? Is it hard for him to understand my jokes or understand my sense of humor? Can we agree or can we agree to disagree. No one wants to be in a stressful relationship, you want to be friends with the person that you're with and you want to be friends for life. That's the basis of the foundation. Friends  that love and respect each other. If we don't agree, if our personalities don't go together then..... what're you doing?  


 4. Is there chemistry?


A lot of people think this is the most important question and then they forget to be practical. If your man looks like Idris Elba of course I'll be attracted 100% but physical attraction is not the most important part of a relationship. You also have to be practical. If the person you're dating doesn't meet any other requirements that need to be met, you gotta cut him loose. And chemistry is not something that needs to be tested out immediately. You can learn to like someone or  develop feelings for them. How do your feelings develop? Feelings can develop for a number of reasons but usually this happens once you have an understanding of each other and that's the most important thing. Now back to chemistry. As a Christian couple you don't need to test anything out or experiment or do anything that would compromise you honoring your body or God. If you're attracted to each other and are compatible in the points above, you have chemistry. There has to be some kind of chemistry keeping you together, right? 




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