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Eva Mendes x New York & Company

Eva Mendes x New York & Company

Do you have a list of stores you never step foot inside because you know you can't afford it? I don't even look at these stores because it's wayyyy out of my budget. I'm a budget shopper frequenting H&M, Forever21, and ASOS. I recently got on the Zara train (It's not as expensive as I thought) and New York & Company.

I was drawn in when I heard New York & Company was having a collaboration with Gabriel Union! I thought to myself "This is going to be sooo good! I was able to find an amazing dress for Easter and vowed to come back and check it out some more.

I recently stopped by again because to check out the Eva Mendes collection.  New York and Company was having a crazy 50% sale on all merchandise so you know I had to rack up some things.

Here's the list of items I purchased: 

Dores Sweater  $27.47 (originally 54.95)

Split Neck Soho Striped Blouse  - $23.47 ( Originally $46.95

Ana Origami Pencil Skirt - $29.97 (originally $59.95)

Scarlet Wrap Skirt - 29.97 (originally $59.95) 

Maddie Skirt - $32.47 - ($64.95)

Total purchase? $143.35. So I'm getting 6 outfits for under $200! I knew that I'd be able to make several outfits with this combination of items and more with the stuff I already have! Check out my looks below and get your free guide + bonus style tips! 


Look 1. Striped Blouse X Scarlet Wrap Skirt (Eva Mendes Collection)

You can't really see it because of the light but this skirt was more pink than white. I chose to wear this blouse because it was also a soft tan color that would work well with my nude shoes. 



Look 2. Striped Blouse x Ana Origami Skirt (Eva Mendes Collection)


Look 3. Striped Blouse x Maddie Skirt 



Look 4. Dores Sweater x Wrap Skirt 



Look 5. Dores Sweater x Pencil Skirt (Eva Mendes Collection)


Look 6. Dores Sweater x Maddie Umbrella Skirt (Eva Mendes Collection)


Favorite Look? 

This combination has to be my favorite hands down. Common factor? The umbrella skirt. This pretty much changed the game. And it has pockets? What?! It's so worth the cost! 


What's your favorite look? Comment below! How would you pair these items? Subscribe below to get this style guide with bonus looks! 

Download the Eva Mendes x New York and Company Style Guide and get surprise bonus looks! 

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