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How to Casually Wear a Midi Dress

How to Casually Wear a Midi Dress

The other day I went to Forever21 to see if I could return a jumpsuit I bought on sale. I was kind of annoyed that it was final sale and I wasn't informed about it before the transaction. So when I went to a different location to return it they refused to acknowledge the situation. I said to myself "Yeah, we'll see about it."

I went back to the original store I purchased it from and spoke with the manager to see if this problem could be solved. "What would you like me to do about this situation?," he asked. "I would like to receive store credit if possible," I replied. "Well I can't give you store credit but you can exchange it for an equal amount or more," he said. "Okay, great thank you!" I replied and onwards I marched to find something for just $10.


I managed to pick up this cute Midi dress and a wallet because I was in desperate need of an upgrade. I can't even show you what my old wallet looked like! But anyway I picked up the dress priced at $17.90 and amazingly it rang up for ONLY $6.99!!! I'm like OMG. Really. The cashier even wanted to know if another one was available. "Sorry! That's the last one," I responded trying to keep my excitement inside. I also happened to have a little store credit on me which I had completely forgotten about. I have to say this was a great shopping experience. The dress and wallet came out to $14.89 but with my exchange it went down to $4.60 and finally my store credit was applied. So I made NADA for the entire purchase and got a dress I wanted and wallet I needed!

Thank you FOREVER21!


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