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The Best Shoes to Wear for your Bunions!

The Best Shoes to Wear for your Bunions!

Everyone wants pretty feet but unfortunately we can't always have what we want. Why? Because bunions can be a hereditary trait or it can be developed over time by wearing the wrong shoes. Currently there are millions of people in the US with bunions, some of them are your fave celebs like JLo and Iman! I know, right?! So If you're opposed to having bunion surgery then you have to start taking care of your feet today!

I wore pointy toed shoes all throughout college  not realizing how they were affecting my feet... my bunions to be exact. My feet would go numb, hurting after a long period of time. They'd be throbbing and more pronounced after I took my shoes off. Eventually I realized pointy toed shoes were a no go. Being a fashion blogger and attending shows meant I needed to have some cute and comfy shoes. I did some research and found a couple brands that make really comfortable shoes. I really wish I had realized this sooner! I've gotten rid of all my pointy toed shoes and will ONLY be wearing these brands. These are the best and most comfortable shoes ever! 


Here are some tips: stop wearing pointy toed shoes immediately! Look for rounded or square toed shoes and especially open toed shoes so there's space for your toes. Another tip? Wearing shoes with block heels instead of stiletto heels will make a huge improvement as the weight of your feet will be more evenly shifted with the block heel applying less pressure on the front of your feet. 

Here's a list of some of my favorite and comfortable shoes to wear for bunions: 


Sam Edelman - Yardley Black Suede boots

I found these babies at a DSW store in NYC. I partied all night in these shoes and they didn't hurt at all! Seriously I'll be stocking up on Sam Edelman shoes.


Dr. Scholls Jorie Whiskey Boots


I had to get a pair of cute brown ankle boots and discovered this pair. Did you know Dr.Scholls made shoes? Like cute shoes not orthopedic ones? I'd never seen a commercial or ever heard Dr.Scholls made shoes and I was so shocked. These booties are everything!  



Steve Madden Hydie Boots


Ive never owned a pair of shoes from Steve Madden and I have to say I'm impressed. I've worn these boots a couple of times and honestly love them. Unfortunately the size 10 runs small so it's still a bit tight at the front. These boots are sold out so I've linked another shoe that's pretty similar. BUT I do have good news! I am selling my pair of the Steve Madden Hydie boots since they don't fit me. If you are a size 9 make sure to comment below saying you're interested or shoot me an email. These shoes retailed for $120.00. Shoes will be sold to the highest bidder! 


Sam Edelman Silas Knee High Boots 


Are there any words needed? Before this pair, I would wear the Altuzarra x Target Knee High Boots ( which are so fierce but sooooo painful. After wearing them about three times I gave them to a friend so she could feel understand the pain I was going through haha! But anyway I had to find a substitute and I loveeee these boots. I do wear these with thick socks to give some extra cushion to my bunion. Here's another great product to protect your bunions. It's really helped me out! 


I love my new shoe collection. I've still got a ways to go but my feet have been very thankful. So how do you struggle with bunions. Have trouble finding cute shoes? Share your thoughts below! 

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