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A Lesson in Happiness

Last week I learned a lesson about happiness!

I was traveling on the train in the city when this lady came on the train. She was wearing those boots.. the ones with the heels on them and as she inched in her way into the train to make more room, I saw her step on a ladies foot. We'll call them Amy and Joanne. Joanne winced in pain as the Amy(the culprit) profusely apologized for stepping on her feet. Joanne reassured her that it was alright and as she did, Amy tried to make light of the situation by stating it was good luck that she had stepped on her feet. Joanne replied "well then you should step on it again," and they both bursts out laughing.


By this point I was in disbelief. I couldn't believe my eyes or ears. I thought this lady has some nerve trying to make light of the situation with her good luck schpiel. I couldn't imagine how much pain Joanne was in and I was even more upset for her than she was!


I calmed down and slowly realized that it really is all about your perspective. You could carry that one bad moment with you for the entire day or you can simply let it go and continue making happier moments. Stop dwelling. Happiness is a state of mind. 



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