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7 Lessons I Learned from my Social Media Fast

7 Lessons I Learned from my Social Media Fast


It’s a process

The first few days of my fast I was still focused on incoming activity. I wanted to know who was liking my pics, if I had missed a  message, etc. If I had any missed message etc. I was even going on to the dsktp and checkin my notifications there and since it’s connected on Facebook I’d sometimes glance there to see what’s going on. I did not know I had a problem! Like really Nana, you’re checking IG notifications from Facebook? Cmon now


It’s a distraction

Now, I’m not saying that social media is bad or that it’s generally a distraction for rery but unfortunately it was for me. This Was also a reflection on my time management skills. I can't imagine how many hours even days i’ve wasted being productive on social media. I’d literally scroll endlessly and somehow and up on “so and so’s” page and not even remember the aim for why i started in the first place. I realized for myself, it’s probably better if i established a plan or set a designated time to check my social media. Since my break I’ve literally not had the urge to check my social media. It helps that notifications are also off so I’m not bombarded when i get on my phone with notifications and slight hysteria.


It’s actually possible

I’d been feeling this in my spirit for a long time. I felt like God was telling me to take a break, spend some time with Him but I would always make an excuse like anything is more important than spending time with God. I actually did a fast from social media ( mostly instagram) for 30 days. 30 Days of radio silence!!!! It wasn’t without it’s challenges but it was a very peaceful and productive time and feels great to know that I accomplished this goal. Now I know I can do it again, 1 day or 30days.


I’m not missing anything

As my cousin so lovingly put it. Another friend of mine was talking about the different challenges that happened throughout the month but really, I didn’t miss anything. Like what happens after watching celebrities do there challenges or if i miss out on a viral video? Life is still going on whether I’m on social media or not.. And I should be making more moves off my phone than on it! Plus in the end I get to have more content.


People want substance

Just based off the feedback I received on my last post, the largest reaction and most liked post I’ve ever received. Ironically,m it;’s the post where i announce I’m leaving social media for a month. Lol. But this really tells me that my audience wants more honesty, more substance, more meaning and purpose



I felt like I was being weaned off of a drug or something. Although I have no idea what that really feels like, it took some willpower to not check up on my notifications. At some point, i’d even asked my sister to check my DM’s thinking I would miss out on some kind of opportunity ( Like God isn’t in control). Talk about control issues.


I’m not the only one!

This goes back to point 5. So many people in my comments shared they understood my sentiments, they were going through the same predicament. I thought it was only me that feel like i need a break from social media. Now with the experience I have I can turn back around and give a few points of advice and  a word of encouragement. God is good.


Well these are 7 lessons Learned from taking a month break from social media. You can think and function a lot better when there’s less noise in your life. Have you guys ever taken a break from social media? What did you learn, how did it benefit you? Comment below!

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