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Are you Looking for the One? Here's How to find Him!

Stop Looking For HIM!


Did Jesus say The One was out there? Did HE say you had to go look for him? Did the Bible ever say you need to be married and find the one and settle down before a certain age? NO. Society Did. Society has put this idea in our heads that we need to find THE ONE and the perfect match and our knight in shining armor when in reality The Man God will bless us with doesn't even come close to PERFECT. Now I've heard that when you KNOW you just KNOW, and I'm hoping that happens when I meet the best available partner for me but ladies... Ya'll gotta chill.


Just RELAAAAX. It's not THAT Serious.


The more you chase something the farther its' going to get. You need to pray and believe in what you're praying for, knowing that you'll receive it. Work and improve on yourself and your qualities of being a good wife and caretaker and believe that it'll happen when the time is right. And honestly that includes holding out the Goodies for the Good Man. If you want to be married you better act like it. Acting otherwise means you're not quite there in the mindset. Practice what you believe and embody what you want to be. Stop looking for THE ONE and BE THE ONE. So that you can recognize him when he walks right into your life. instead of being a whack a mole popping up every time a guy walks by wondering if he's the one.



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